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SFUO election debates Feb. 5

Debates were held on Feb. 5 at the SITE cafeteria for the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa presidential and vice-president equity candidate... Read more.

SFUO election debates Feb. 4

Debates were held on Feb. 4 at the University Centre Agora for the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa election candidates. Vp university affairs,... Read more.

Dear Di—Jan.8

Dear Di, As Mother Nature would have it, my period is due next week. After being home for more than a month and getting no action, I am really tempted to... Read more.

New tricks for a new year

Tips for following through on your academic resolutions Photo by Marta Kierkus By the end of every semester, when you have (at least) a month’s worth of... Read more.

Dear Di–The 12 days of sex

With holidays soon upon us, I hope you’ll be upon someone special over the break. Everyone loves to receive, but this time of year is all about giving—make... Read more.

Dear Di— Nov.27

Dear Di, My girlfriend has given me a straight-up no when it comes to us having sex while she’s on her period, but I’m more than willing to get messy. I... Read more.

Dear Di– Nov.20

  Dear Di,  My boyfriend is really religious but I’m not. We’ve abstained from having sex for four months now. The religion aspect was... Read more.

Dear Di—November 13

Dear Di, I’m not the biggest fan of Movember, even at the best of times. I’m especially not down when it applies to the whole body. I recently started... Read more.

Dear Di—Nov. 6

  Dear Di,  My good fortune in frosh fornicating has continued until now, but with more girls entering my man cave these days, I’m getting more... Read more.

Dear Di — Oct.30

Dear Di, I’ve always loved Halloween because of the costumes people wear. I get really turned on by how into character people get. This year, I want to... Read more.