Dear Ty

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Dear Di,
I’ve always loved Halloween because of the costumes people wear. I get really turned on by how into character people get. This year, I want to host a Halloween party and later turn it into an orgy. I haven’t explored group sex very much, but how can I make sure I get a great turnout?
—Party Favours

Dear PF,
Role and character play can be very kinky indeed and it’s a great time of year to fulfill your fantasies. Make sure to cater your guest list to friends you know will be comfortable with your carnal trick-or-treating later in the evening. Tell all your chosen guests of your post-party plans so there aren’t any ghastly surprises. By keeping your guests informed, they’ll also be more comfortable with each other. This will help them talk about different desires (and limits) for the evening’s activities.
Once you’ve got your guests, the real fun begins! Consider setting a theme for your party if there’s a certain show or set of characters you like (and would like to get it on with). Dreams of setting off on a Star Trek mission of your own? Visions of a Superwoman and Catwoman coital duo? Offer a common theme as an easy way for your party attendees to get in costume and character.
Group sex can be incredibly erotic and stimulating, but it has to be done safely for everyone’s pleasure. Finally, if your guests want to bring friends, make sure they know the sexy schedule for the evening. And make sure your friends and their guests are as safe and conscientious about their sex lives as I hope you are.
I’ll be eagerly anticipating my invite—you know how to reach me.


Dear Di,
We all know how expensive school can be. So to foot some of the bills, I got a job a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, it isn’t a typical student job… I work as a stripper at a club in the area. I truly do enjoy the work and pay, but recently a male acquaintance from class mentioned that I look a lot like one of the female strippers at a club he goes to. Although he clearly meant it as a compliment, I was quick to laugh it off but I am terrified that someone on campus will recognize me and blow my cover. Any advice for keeping my nightlife a secret?
—Dancing in the Dark

Dear DD,
While some might challenge your choice of funding your education, I think if you’re enjoying your new job you should just go for it. I can understand your concerns, though—this campus and city aren’t quite big enough to protect your identity.
As great as the cash-outs may be, ask yourself this if you were to be discovered, how damaging to your student life and future do you think it would be? To succeed day and night, I don’t think dashing between buildings on campus and wearing a disguise is your solution.
It all comes down to you. You are in charge of your sexuality, and no one can take that away from you. Being comfortable about your extracurricular student life is the most important thing. There’s no need to be embarrassed! All students know how tricky it can be to pay for school, and if this is a job that fits the bill for you, then that’s just fine. Whether others agree with your job or not, most people—this oddball acquaintance aside—won’t be looking to call you out on your sexy side job.
Always be your safe and sexy self—at the club and on campus— and keep your confidence flowing as well as your cash.