Dear Ty

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With holidays soon upon us, I hope you’ll be upon someone special over the break. Everyone loves to receive, but this time of year is all about giving—make sure you’re generous to those on your naughty and nice list. As I’m in a generous mood myself, I thought I’d share some holiday sex positions and tips to keep you hot through all those long winter nights. 

Jingle Balls 

For him: With so many yummy Christmas treats like frosting and whipped cream lying around the house, you can give your partner double the treat by decorating your own ornaments and shaft. 

For her: With your man all dressed up in sweet packages for you, you get to enjoy the treats. You can also have him lie on his back, and straddle him facing his legs. Control the pace and jingle his balls until you hear his voice ring out in joy.

Santa’s Little Helper

No one likes spending the holidays alone. Splurge on a sex toy to make the holiday truly one to remember. By trying a new vibrator, dildo, ring, or what have you, you’ll have little reason to go outside in the cold. 

Silent Night

If your house is full of people over the holidays, you may not want to disturb everyone. Keep your presents to yourself with a silent night of sex with your partner—the smallest and most stimulating movements are key. If you don’t feel like keeping it quiet because of that annoying aunt, turn on a carol and groove to the music.

Deck the Halls

What would a family dinner be without a little good-natured fun? Find a sneaky escape for you and your partner to leave the dinner table or living room, and creep up the stairs to an empty room to exchange gifts a little early, in the form of quick, hot sex.

The Stocking Stuffer

If Christmas dinner has you feeling full, so will this position. However, it will also help you burn off many of those Christmas calories long after the holidays are over. Lie on your back and lift your legs in the air, then let your partner wrap your legs around their neck and fill your stocking! 

Milk and Cookies

This one’s sweet and fairly self-explanatory: give your lady some love from your mouth and hands as you lick her breasts and simultaneously keep her sugar cookie crumbling.  

Secret Santa

Routine gift exchanges are so passé. Make your holiday party a little more fun by hosting a new kind of gift exchange. Blindfold one of your guests, get someone else to dress up in a Santa suit or hat, and have them give the blindfoldee a little Christmas gift of their choice. When they’ve finished, they get to guess who their Secret Santa was before removing their blindfold …and then take their turn giving!

The Sleigh

This position is all about direction: guide your partner into their preferred “docking” position, and then play around with some side-to-side action, changing up the speed, pace, and position of your ride.

The Reindeer

This move’s a little more primal: get on your hands and knees and let your partner lean over you from behind and wrap his arms around you as he thrusts. This move will have you both racing to the finish.

Trim the Tree

Please remember to do a little personal grooming this season—some prefer the presents unwrapped and easily accessible. Or, you can always experiment with some festive designs.

Chest and Nuts Roasting on an Open Fire

Well the weather outside may be frightful, but a fire is always delightful… especially when you can add to the heat. Ask your girl to lie on her back on the couch near the warmth of the fire as your thrust between her breasts. 

Festive Fantasies and Foreplay

Get creative! This is your chance to don that sexy red lingerie, invest in Christmas coloured condoms, stay up all night waiting for Santa’s presents, and ultimately put yourself on the naughty list.

To close the year, have fun working your way through a few of these Christmas sex positions and tips. And be sure to ring in the New Year with a bang!