Dear Ty

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Dear Di,

As Mother Nature would have it, my period is due next week. After being home for more than a month and getting no action, I am really tempted to continue with my next birth control pill package in order to skip my period. Is there any downside or risk to taking the pill continuously so I can avoid my period and get the pleasure I’m craving?

—Blame it on the Holiday Celibacy 

Dear BHC,

Many a gal has faced your predicament of pleasure versus the pill and period. And many have chosen pleasure, so if you really need that quick fix and opt to swap your monthly gift to get some lovin’, don’t worry.  In general, playing around with your body’s hormones and skipping your normal cycle will probably give you some wonky feelings, but they are rarely serious. Most commonly, women experience similar symptoms to those they had during their first few months of starting the pill, such as breakthrough bleeding or spotting, cramps, and headache.

If you can wait to satiate your carnal craving, make an appointment with your doctor or swing by the campus pharmacy. A physician or pharmacist should know the specific side effects and risks associated with your form of birth control and be able to suggest what you may experience from skipping your period.

If you’re interested in having more flexibility to accommodate your sex life (and skip the monthly menstruation) on a more long-term basis, you may want to speak to your doctor about various contraceptive options. For example, there are many different types of birth control pills available that cause you to have fewer periods (such as four menstruations per year) and alternatives like patches, intra-uterine devices, and implants. Whatever you decide, I wish you all the best in getting back into the swing of sex after the holidays!



 Dear Di,

I came home from the break a little late this year, so my roommates had been at our house for a few days before me. When I went into my room, I noticed that my sheets were a little ruffled. I know I did my laundry and washed my sheets before I left for the holidays, so that was my first clue that something was wrong. Anyway, I dismissed it … until that night when I was slipping between the covers. I noticed that my sheets had this crusty stuff all over them. I’m pretty sure it was dried semen, and I was so disgusted that I slept on our couch that night. I figured that using your own bed for your business was a given, but clearly my roommates didn’t get the memo. How do I bring something like this up and make sure there is no repeat performance?

—Goldilocks Gone Wrong

Dear GGW,

Well, someone definitely beat you to ringing in the New Year—in your own bed. That’s definitely one surprise you never want to find when you’re about to curl up under your covers. You have every right to find out who the coital culprits were. It might make for an awkward conversation between you and your roommates, but there’s no need for your bed to become the stomping grounds of Sandy Hill.

I would suggest talking to your roommates one-on-one and then as a group. It’s possible that they threw a party while you were still away and a pair of frisky party-goers snuck away to get some in your room by accident. If this is the case, you can remind your roommates that your room is off limits. If they didn’t host a large party, then it is more likely that one of your roommates had their own party for two that ended up in your bed.

Whether your roommates fess up or not, let them know how you feel about it and remind them that they can keep the business of themselves and their friends to the confines of their own bed. Your roommates are responsible for their guests and themselves, and leaving you with dirty sheets is not only repulsive but really disrespectful. You may want to consider getting a lock for your bedroom door—it’ll make sure your bed stays exclusive for you and your own guests.