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The eponymous 2012 debut from King Tuff really grabbed your attention just a few minutes in, but this year’s followup, Black Moon Spell, doesn’t leave the same impression. While it’s noteworthy for the signature high-pitched vocals of creator and frontman Kyle Thomas, the new effort lacks the tracks that demand to be heard like some of the earlier singles.

It is, however, an easy listen. It brings simplicity to rock ‘n’ roll song structure that makes it accessible. Standouts include “Black Moon Spell,” “Rainbow’s Run,” and perhaps “I Love You Ugly,” if only for a few witty lyrics. “Beautiful Thing,” somewhat a play on the band’s older single “Bad Thing,” unfortunately seems like a failed attempt to build on the energy of its predecessor.

Black Moon Spell is a bit of a letdown. King Tuff is still a project with lots of potential, but the new album shows little improvement or change to their lovable sound. Although it’s an easy listen, it might be hard to remember.