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I am the child of silence

I am the child of 1759

I am the child of suffering

I am the child of the Plains of Abraham


In death

I am the child of the wind who stops

At each September 13

In my memory in red

I am a Wandering Canadian

Who walks, walks forever

In my night with no exit

Alone! Alone!

I am the voice of silence

In pain

The Conquest in me

I am the scream gagged

By the Time who passed

And that you never listen to

I am the Acadians deported

In tears, in front of guns

Without dawn and without hope

In front of Death who already waits for me

Under the shrouds of snow

I am the Patriots who passed away


On your scaffolds

I am Louis Riel

The head rose toward the sky for the last time

Before to be hanged


I am the Franco-Ontarians of Regulation 17

The fingers hit by rules

And orders I don’t understand

In my minority distress

I am d’Iberville always victorious on his horse

Until the darkness and the tomb

The sword broken in the stars

I am the French flag that burns

In white

In the Saint-Hélène Island

When New France falls

Right on my mouth

I am the accent that you erased of Orléans

To forget

I am the child of words from my childhood

Stays in my throat

In silence! In silence!

I am the child of a name

That I cannot even pronounce


I am the child of a city

Who takes all my tomorrows

I am the Child of assimilation

When my sufferance

Lasts all a continent

I am the invisible man

At each “speak white!”

And laugh at me

I am silence

I am Frog

I am green and white

I am fleurdelised

I am done

I am from France and Quebec and Orleans

My flag in the wind

SOS Montfort! SOS Montfort!

In shadow and fire


I am French Ontario

There’s a too long time ago

To survive

To just survive

In my own words

In my own life

Until tomorrow

It’s too late for me

It’s too late for us all


I sink alone

Towards you

A last breath alive on my lips

Before to die:

« Souviens-toi! »

« Souviens-toi! »


Frédérique Champagne was born in Orléans, Ontario in 1995, and currently studies French at the University of Ottawa. He has published in the newspaper La Rotonde and the literary review Calembour. He also published a book in 2016, Treize Septembre, that has been edited in France. “The Child of Silence” is his first text published in the Fulcrum.


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