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The Fashist

AS THE SEMESTER slowly trudges along and the temperature continues to drop, it’s easy to get stuck in a vortex of study, essay, exam, repeat. With our minds set on the short-but-sweet winter vacation only a couple months away, it’s easy to let our wardrobe suffer and become as dull as the weather. It’s time to abandon your fall leather boots, thin coats, and light cardigans and brace yourself for the harsh Canadian winter. Here is some style advice for those who want to look chic and feel warm this winter.

Practicality always wins
In fashion, it’s easy to forgo comfort and go with whatever looks good, but if you’ve ever spent a winter in Ottawa, you know your feet won’t forgive you. While it’s nice to have the cutest pair of booties on, is it really that practical to wear non-water-resistant shoes in the slush and snow? If you want to look good and have warm feet all season long, look for boots that will keep your feet dry. Make sure that the boots hit at least mid-ankle length to keep snow at bay. Choose a neutral-coloured boot, like black or brown, to go with most of your outfits—and voila! You have a chic boot that’s going to get the job done.

Colour me winter wonderful
Winter is the bleakest season by far. With all the different shades of grey, dull skies, and bare trees, it’s easy to make your wardrobe mimic the scenery. If you’re feeling a little colour starved and want to stand out from the sea of grey, find a vibrantly coloured coat. Fire engine red or cobalt blue are always stunning options. For the more fashion-minded, choose a mustard yellow or deep purple, the must-have colours of the season. Just make sure your jacket is thick enough to keep you warm. What’s great about choosing a coat for colour is that it doesn’t matter whether you choose a pea coat or longer coat—either style will look fantastic.

Oversized knit, anyone?
Chunky knit sweaters are not just for your grandma or reserved solely for the holidays. In fact, oversized knit sweaters are making a comeback in guys’ and girls’ fashion. This unisex item of clothing is perfect for keeping you warm on the colder nights and easy to throw on for the days you’re in a rush. Toss one on with a pair of straight-leg trousers or jeans, pair it with your boots, and you have an outfit that took less than five minutes to put together. Darker and subtler hues are always easier to match with your winter accessories. Reach for a knit sweater on days where you want to look effortlessly chic.

—Sofia Hashi