Jack Johnson at bluesfest 2022
Jack Johnson lit up the stage and had the crowd swaying. Photo: Noah Bailey/Fulcrum
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Jack Johnson actually had me upside down

I’m sure day one of Bluesfest was phenomenal, but trust me when I say I was blown away by day two’s festivities. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t know any of the performers besides the wholesome headliner, Jack Johnson. 

But perhaps that’s a good thing, because I had no idea how much of a treat I was in for when I got there. 

And I don’t mean the free sour gummy candies from the Sweet Sixteen vendor (which I only heard great things about.) 

I got to Lebreton Flats pretty early, so I took a stroll throughout the venue, and I was actually quite impressed with the way everything was oriented. Each stage offered a different vibe; the most intimate was the Barney Danson Theatre. 

There, dark lighting and great storytelling gave the audience a glimpse of Amanda Lowe’s experience with the passing of her grandfather, and the way it affected her entire family. 

She mentioned the significance of the flowers and butterflies in her set, and they really tied the whole story together. Her music conveyed both her own feelings, and those of her grandmother.

Before I get to Jack Johnson, I should highlight how it’s genuinely worth checking out the other stages whether you know the performers or not. There are four stages scattered throughout the venue, with fun vendors and activities on the walk between each. 

You might find something you like, and the Accora Village Spin Stage that hosts each night’s DJ’s is the perfect place to sit down and relax if you’re feeling like your legs need a little rest. 

Tash Sultana performing at Bluesfest
Tash Sultana on the RBC stage. Image: Noah Bailey/Fulcrum

Before the headliner, Tash Sultana was on the RBC main stage absolutely slaying their set. I often struggle to enjoy music that doesn’t have many words, but the show was actually magical. Sultana displayed skills on various instruments and gave the crowd a unique musical experience. Plus, the set was cool as fuck. 

When the sun set and the night took over, so did Jack Johnson. 

This wonderful, wholesome man lit up the stage and had the crowd swaying back and forth (mostly in sync) to his playful guitar tunes. 

If you don’t have a fun Jack Johnson story, mine is that my high school roommate would frequently put on her Jack Johnson playlist in attempt to chill the fuck out before bed, before hockey games, or after a hard day. 

Jack Johnson singing his beautiful songs. Image: Noah Bailey/Fulcrum

Until Friday night, I didn’t realise how much I really loved his songs, and how they absolutely offered that exact soothing effect. 

I would love to get into the details of how sweet this man was on his guitar, singing his beautiful songs, but I must eat breakfast and get ready for what Saturday night of Bluesfest has to offer.


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