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In The Style Of Jaden Smith  


I Have Very Few Idols

Jaden Smith Is Not One Of Them

No Disrespect Will

(I Still Think You’re A Rad Dad)

And Honestly, His Music Isn’t Half Bad

I’m Even A Huge Fan Of Neo Yokio

(Screw You, Rotten Tomatoes)

It’s His Tweets That Get Me So

Riled Up?


How Do You Feel Reader, Right Now?

Navigating This Horrible Poem?

Take That Feeling,

And Maximize It By One Billion

And You’ll Know How I Feel

It Ain’t Easy Being An Editor

On The Twitterverse


Something Real


I lied,

When I smiled

In that snapchat

Ten minutes ago

I’m not happy

My loved one’s in the hospital

But that’s not something

That you need to know

Nor is it something you care for

You want pictures of my shoes

You want me to relate to you

You want me to laugh at your filters

And keep up the numbers (#streak!)

I want a real fire

Not an emoji on an app that drains my battery

I want a real connection

Something facetangible, not timed

I don’t know real comfort anymore

So I cling to my digital devices

Talking to people I don’t know

Looking for something

That’s not real


About the author

Anchal Sharma is the Editor-in-Chief of the Fulcrum, and a fourth-year student at the University of Ottawa, studying communications and political science. This is her first time publishing poetry in the Fulcrum, which is why it lacks depth. For real angsty poems, follow her on instagram @wordsbyanchal.


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