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Looking good and feeling your best everyday while balancing school and work can be a challenge, and the first week of classes can be especially daunting. But many students have fashion down to a science! The Fulcrum went out to discover the secrets that students around the University of Ottawa can teach the rest of us on how to dress for the new term, and, more importantly, how to dress with confidence. 

AC_Campus Style Mohamed Elcheikh Ali_cred_Chad Ouellette
Photo: Chad Ouellette.

Mohamed Elcheikh Ali, human kinetics

What’s your favourite thing about fall fashion?

I feel like your outfits reflect the nature outsidehow the trees look, the colours of the leaves. What can make any outfit look good?

You got to have a nice pair of shoes. Then you got to have a nice shirt that goes well with your shoes.

Shirt: Normal on Rideau St.

Jeans: Jack and Jones

Shoes: Nike

Bomber jacket: Zara

Watch: Rolex

AC_Campus style Joan Edward_cred_Chad Ouellette
Photo: Chad Ouellette.

Joan Edward, criminology

Any fashion advice?

Do what you think looks nice! People like Rihanna wear the craziest stuff but people love their style because they do that.

Do you believe comfort can coexist with style?

Oh yeah, for sure. I’m always wearing baggy pants and a loose shirt.

It depends though—if you’re going out, you’re going to have to wear those six inch heels, girl!

Outfit: Literally all from the thrift store! It’s my favourite place to shop—it’s so cheap and you get the most unique pieces.

AC_Campus style Hamna Asif_cred_Chad Ouellette
Photo: Chad Ouellette.

Hamna Asif, history

What’s your fashion inspiration?

I take inspiration a lot from the 1950s and 1960s, I love that era.

Current fashion crisis?

I love wearing heels but I live in Friel—I’m trying to figure out what to do about that.

Tights: Winners

Shoes: Payless

Skirt: Vintage-inspired clothing site

Purse: Winners

AC_Campus style Kieran McKee_cred_Chad Ouellette
Photo: Chad Ouellette.

Kieran McKee, criminology

What can make any outfit look good?

A solid pair of shoes. I brought 14 pairs with me actually!

Do you have any fashion inspirations or icons?

There’s this YouTuber, Fousytube. I really love his style! He’s got so many bomb shoes.

More than you?

A closet full!

Do you believe comfort can coexist with style?

I’m kinda doing that right now. These joggers are really comfortable but this shirt’s kinda tight. They’re coexisting fairly well I think.

Shoes: Bluntstones

Joggers: Hugo Boss

AC_Campus style Breanna Barton Challenger_cred_Chad Ouellette
Photo: Chad Ouellette.

Breanna Barton Challenger, biomedical science

What’s your fashion inspiration?

I think it depends on the day. I definitely like the 60s and 70s vibe, but I also like the skater look! A couple of days ago I was wearing overalls, my skater shoes, and a loose Tee!

Outfit: All Forever 21.

Shoes: Vans

Photo: Chad Ouellette.
Photo: Chad Ouellette.

Emily Weedmark, classical studies

Do you always match your hair with your outfits?

Red is easy to match.

Outfit: Borrowed from my sister or girlfriend.

Photo: Chad Ouellette.
Photo: Chad Ouellette.

Grace Thomas, biochemistry

Do you have any fashion inspirations or icons?

I like P!nk, she just doesn’t care!

Do you believe comfort can coexist with style?

Sometimes if you can find the right clothes. Otherwise, it’s like, no it’s definitely style.

Shirt: Forever 21

Jeans: Misguided UK

Shoes: Jordans


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