Sine Robinson rocking the classic cat look. Photo: Elizabeth Whicher.
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October is a stressful time in every student’s life, as many of us are forced to study for midterms, balance relationships, and—most importantly—keep up with the latest fashion trends.

So, if you still don’t know what you’re going to dress up as for Halloween, don’t stress about it. After all, simplicity is a virtue to the struggling student. This year, keep it classic with a costume we all know and love: the famous feline.

Just because this costume has been done a thousand times in the past, doesn’t mean it’s time to hang up your ears and tail. In fact, this means there’s all the more reason for cat costumes to come back, since there are so many opportunities to put a new spin on this Halloween classic.

So if you’re wondering how to accomplish this look without turning to that dreaded dollar store face paint, then look no further.

Cat eyes

It’s not hard to see that the cat eye has taken over the fashion industry by storm, so why not incorporate it into your Halloween costume?

For this look to work, dark eyes are essential. Go for the big, obnoxious wings and the smoky eyes that you might not incorporate into your everyday style. I recommend using a palette with a white to black spectrum, with a shimmer aspect to the colours. The darkness of the eyeshadow should dominate your upper eye, but also be visible just below your bottom eyelashes.

You’re also going to want to dig out your darkest pencil eyeliner and use it to really highlight your eyes, top and bottom.

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Cheshire cheeks

The cheeks are really the memorable part of this look. Without them, you wouldn’t be much of a mischievous feline.

You’ll want to start out with strong, rosy cheeks using the boldest blush you have. Next, add all of your little cat spots just below the nose and above your lips. I recommend using a liquid eyeliner for this step.

After that, grab your pencil liner and draw out some long, thin whiskers.

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Nose and mouth

About halfway down your nose, you’ll want to grab your liquid liner and start to draw in the bottom half of your nose completely. Following that, trace down a line to the centre of your lips. At this point, pull out your darkest lip liner and fill in your upper lip completely.

For your bottom lip I recommend a gold or metallic colour, which just adds a bit of definition to what is, overall, a dark look. You can complete this look here, or you  have the option to use your liquid liner to emphasize your mouth, and add some other cat-like qualities.

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