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Where to find it: The Royal Oak on Laurier Avenue or pretty much anywhere in Ottawa

This local beer is a staple at almost every bar in Ottawa, but just because it’s always on the menu doesn’t mean it should be taken lightly. This is one complex lager. It has the polished taste and golden colour of your average easy-drinking lager, but mixed with the bitter hops and nutty finish of a darker ale.

It’s a beer that is welcoming but demands your respect at the same time. My first sip was like meeting a girl’s father at his home; his voice welcomes, but his handshake tests your commitment. I recommend Beau’s for a night when the pitchers will be flowing rapidly, but when you don’t want to sacrifice flavour at the expense of quantity and price. Beau’s is cheap for a local brew, but can hold its own among any lager in Canada.

4 pints out of 5

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