Sometimes being practical is underrated. Photo: Sophie Miller.
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With the autumnal equinox long-passed, bringing less daylight and cooler temperatures, you may be tempted to begin wandering around in track pants and U of O hoodies until groundhog day. But resist the urge, because this refreshing weather is the perfect time to express yourself through clothing.

While some of these fashion choices might seem overdone, it is exactly that contradiction that makes them underrated—as people move away to different styles, these classics can have their renaissance.

These tried-and-true choices have served fashion-friendly, and exam-hardened students for generations—so, remember to be practical when you wear them, and bundle them up against the oncoming cold!

The all-Canadian toque

Toques—otherwise known as beanies, or hats—are seen by many as necessary evils, which solely fulfil the practical purpose of keeping one’s ears warm on those cold October mornings. However, I firmly believe that they are underrated. Toques providing the wearer with pizzazz—through different patterns, or by adding a pop of colour. If you want to get adventurous, you can even try wearing a fluorescent orange toque—it brightens up any outfit.

Fashion-friendly scarves

Considered an underrated piece around campus, most students appear to throw on any old scarf to protect themselves against the bitter morning wind—or to cover up mishaps from the night before. However, many students seem to forget that scarves can also function as a highly stylistic choice. Adding a pop of colour, or bold pattern can tie an outfit together, which is where scarves work best.

Winter worthy knit-sweaters

An absolute must during the colder seasons, knit sweaters (ideally oversized) are deemed cute and comfy, while also providing much-needed protection against the chilliest of days. Similarly to many of the other classics that I’ve mentioned here, these pieces offer an array of colours and patterns for would-be fashion wearers this autumn. Plus, if you really want to get into the fall spirit, mustard yellow, burnt orange, and burgundy are good colour choices to blend in with your surroundings, and show off your seasonal taste.

Graphic tee and long sleeve combo

This autumn-worthy combination is a lot less common, but equally as underrated as toques, scarves, and knit-sweaters. Indeed, it is the fusion of an oversized graphic tee, worn over a long sleeved shirt. The beauty of this look is in its versatility, which boasts multiple options in material, colour, and patterns, to customize your look—albeit, I live by the wisdom from my mom—that black matches anything.

Plus, if you want to go for a really unique look, you can even branch out and pair it with a turtleneck—it’ll help you stand out in a crowd, and give you much-needed extra warmth this time of year. I have yet to see another person wearing this combination, but I find it to be an underrated classic.


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