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U of O students show this week that school is no excuse for lack of style.

 Photos by Marta Kierkus, Chantal Jiang


Name: Caitlin Sievert
Program: Masters in Globalization and International Development

Caitlin is right on trend for this fall with this bold and original print. She played the role of designer, having this blazer custom-made in Malawi.

Name: Shravan Kumar Sabavart
Program: Masters of Computer Science

Shravan shows us that even Newton’s gravitation constant is no match for the constancy of plaid in fashion. Rest assured that if all else fails; know that you can always have plaid.

Name: Kathleen Jean
Program: International Economics and Development

Ms Jean is a clear style maven in the making, combining a soft floral print with a bright and vibrant orange. The international economics and development student pairs this ingenious outfit with sparkling gold loafers.


Name: Andreas Bornbekk
Program: Political Science

Men’s style is often reduced to sports jerseys and Hollister sweatpants. Andreas, however, has opted for a more classic style: a fresh collared shirt and a well-crafted messenger bag.

Name: Neve Ahmad
Program: Political Science

Political science student Neve proves that fashion is not always about the clothes. She pairs a simple summer dress with an amazing vintage inspired leather messenger bag. This signature accessory elevates her entire outfit.


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