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Bombay Bicycle Club

So Long, See You Tomorrow | Universal Island Records

On their fourth album, So Long, See You Tomorrow, Bombay Bicycle Club are continuing the late ‘80s sound trend known as  “shoegazing”  made popular by bands like the Jesus and Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine.

Defined by heavy percussion and shimmery guitars, the sound that has driven Bombay Bicycle Club’s first three albums is omnipresent on So Long, See You Tomorrow. The only difference is that the guitars do not drive this album and when a riff does appear it is often accentuated by a heavy baseline or a keyboard loop.

The album’s rich sound-scape may sound chaotic on first listen but it does have its own rhythmic sense. Jack Steadman’s vocals are barely above a whisper throughout most of the album which only adds to the overall atmosphere .

“It’s Alright Now” is a stand-out track that emphasizes the spectrum of sound, Steadman’s vocal disposition, and the overall mood of the record, which is rather whimsical.

—Jesse Mellott



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