Photo: Anchal Sharma.
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SFUO kicks off 101 Week with revamped welcome concert

On Sunday, Sept. 4 the Student Federation of University of Ottawa (SFUO) unveiled its latest rendition of Fedstock, the annual 101 Week concert designed to welcome first year students to campus. For the first time ever, the event took place at various locations throughout campus as opposed to one single location.

“The timeline was (so) everyone performs at the same time from 9-12 at different stages,” explains Hadi Wess, vice-president social of the SFUO.

While the student federation couldn’t attract all-star musical talent like Shad and Lupe Fiasco on a shoestring budget, they still managed to make it work.    

Talented DJs performed their magic at the “Batcave” between Simard and Hamelin, Tabaret Hall, the 90U Residence parking lot, and University Square.

With bilingual performers including DJ Scorpion and DJ Brian Hart, and different genres like indie, folk, rap/hip hop, and electronic on display, the SFUO pulled off an exciting evening that was worth wearing that bright yellow bracelet for.

“We wanted to make it more of a festival to accommodate the needs of students,” says Wess, adding that this was the reason for the strict security as well.

While Fedstock is usually open to all U of O students and staff, the SFUO needed to tighten their belts this year in light of recent financial troubles. So not only was the event held on campus but only 101ers were allowed to attend, as the SFUO wanted to, according to Wess, “prioritize 101ers who bought the (frosh) kit.”

Regardless of the reason, the change of venue was a success. It may be the lack of space on campus or the fact that Confederation Park, where Fedstock has been held in the past, is a lot bigger, but the place was jam packed and it got a great response from the attendees.

“You don’t need a fortune to be able to host a 101 Week or a concert,” Wess mentions, saying that the event saw a phenomenal turnout and was worth the change of venue. “It’s one of the best Fedstocks we’ve ever had at the SFUO.”

Although security was tight, the concert was spread far and wide, and the music could be heard all across campus.

Instead of doing the traditional barbeque, this year a line up of food trucks could be seen around campus, catering to every student’s needs, froshie or not.

The local talent aimed to entertain with popular songs from artists like Drake, Desiigner, Ariana Grande, Rihanna, The Chainsmokers, and more. The smoke machine and black lights helped give the concert an electrifying vibe, and made it a night to remember.

Froshies can expect a lot more to come from the SFUO during 101 Week, including upcoming events like the Indigenous cultural celebration that’s open to the public, a drag show, the annual FLUO party, and, for the first time ever, a joint pep rally and football game to end the week off.


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