Tucked underneath The Loft Board Game Lounge and Level One pub, you'll find one of downtown Ottawa's best-kept secrets: Waller Street Brewing. Photo: David Campion-Smith.
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Approachable, local craft brewing just around the corner

We can all picture the perfect summer bar—a place with a nice patio, available seats, and a drink menu that boasts a long list of summery selections. Waller Street Brewing doesn’t have a patio, but it does create a unique summer atmosphere all its own.

The prohibition-themed bar fits beautifully into its space. The wooden bar and brewing equipment keep it feeling warm, while the small basement conditions create a space that’s refreshing in the summer heat. Sit at the bar, enjoy some of their delicious beers, gaze at the tanks they were brewed in and talk to the people who made them—it’s a unique atmosphere you won’t soon forget.

Waller Street is currently pouring four of their beers, the Speakeasy Red, Moonlight Porter, Bootleg Blonde, and Hideaway Hefe.

The Speakeasy Red is great and one of my new favourites of the summer. It’s technically an IPA, but doesn’t have as much of the hoppy bitter flavour as other craft IPAs have, instead being on the sweeter side.

I love dark beers, so the Moonlight Porter was right up my alley. This beer comes out black— certainly living up to the moonlight name. It has the typical coffee and chocolate flavours while also being a little lighter in taste, making it an approachable first dark beer for anyone new to that field.

Bootleg Blonde is again a little different from your average blonde ale. This version is a little bolder tasting, with a long malty finish. You’ll also notice that it’s a little murkier in the glass when it’s served.

The Hideaway Hefe is a very refreshing wheat beer, and is supposed to taste like bananas. While I didn’t taste any of that, it was certainly quite fruity and worth a shot as well.

Waller Street Brewing combines good beer with a great atmosphere—a perfect combination for a night out this summer in Ottawa. The bar is small and it’s easy to talk to the bartenders, who are typically the owners or brewers. If you’re looking to get into the craft beer trend in an easily approachable, local way, this is the perfect place to start.

You can find out more about Waller Street Brewing here