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Where to find it: 1848

Don’t be turned off by the name. I know winter memories are the last things U of O students need right about now, but this beer is refreshing and tasty enough to warrant your time, even if you’re not wearing a parka.

This is a mild winter ale. Rather than overwhelm you with a rich vanilla flavour, like Granville Island’s Winter Ale, this beer will tantalize you with hints of caramel and nuts, but will also go down as smooth as Rickard’s Red.

I was surprised and intrigued by this beer, as I was with the place I found it in. So many of us know 1848 only through blurred Toonie Tuesday memories, but it’s actually a delightful place to grab a pint or meal in the afternoon — all at more reasonable prices than you’ll find anywhere else. Sometimes the best solution is also the easiest — just don’t apply that same logic to your finals.

Bottom line: 4 out of 5

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