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Where to find it: Sandy Hill Lounge and Grill (just east of  Chapel Street on Somerset)

I hate to admit it, but like quality television, sometimes you have to rely on our friends south of the border to get a winter ale done right. For folks searching for a staple beer of the season, look no further—this beer is all that you could ask for.

Smooth, yet slightly bitter, this amber lager presents you with a hoppy and spiced flavour without overwhelming you. For enthusiasts of simple blonde lagers, this beer is a great gateway beer to darker and more complex fares.

I recommend this beer for a night out watching the game or nursed over a long stretch of time and accompanied with savoury pub food.

Bottom line: 4.5 pints out of 5

BEER (Full Pint)WEB

BEER (Full Pint)WEB

BEER (Full Pint)WEB

BEER (Full Pint)WEB

BEER (Half Full Pint)WEB


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