Photo: Mackenzie Gray.
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Coffee, Chocolate, Vanilla and Hazelnut? Yes please!

The Oliver

1½ oz Tag No.5 Espresso Vodka

½ oz  McGuinness Creme De Cacao

½ oz Frangelico

½ oz Galliano

Pour into cocktail shaker with a handful of ice. Shake. Strain into old-fashioned or martini glass.

What’s in the drink?

Tag No.5 Espresso Vodka–A seasonal selection from the Oakville, Ont. made Tag No.5 Vodka, the espresso edition is exceptionally smooth. Lacking the usual burn that you’d expect from a vodka, you’ll taste notes of a caramel, mocha and of course, coffee. Priced at $26.95 for 750 mL, it’s a cheap way to diversify your home bar.

McGuinness Creme De Cacao–This sweet chocolate liqueur should be a staple of any bar. I use McGuinness Creme De Cacao, but there are a number of other Creme de Cacaos that have less sugar. For a 750 mL bottle, McGuinness will cost $21.95.

Frangelico–An Italian liqueur that can best be described as Nutella in a bottle. Sweet and rich, this clear hazelnut liqueur is one of my personal favourites that can be used in a number of other cocktails, as well as with desserts. At $28.95 for a 750 mL bottle, it’s the most expensive bottle in the Oliver, but well worth the extra few dollars.

Galliano–This yellow liqueur delivers a strong aromatic punch, but don’t let that fool you, it’s super smooth with a strong vanilla flavour. Another Italian liqueur, this will be the best $17.95 (for a 375 mL bottle) you spend this year.

Pro tip: If you want to smooth the drink out, add a dash of cream to turn it into a more flavourful White Russian. These ingredients also work well in both coffee and hot chocolate, to give you an added kick when trying to warm


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