While on-campus experimentation encompasses a cornucopia of mind-altering substances, alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and ecstasy are usually the most familiar to students.

With school nearing its end, it’s time to finally look forward to summer. Soon you’ll be out of the library and sweltering under the hot summer sun. Try this spiked lemonade to help escape the heat, and forget about exam season as quickly as possible.

Coffee, Chocolate, Vanilla and Hazelnut? Yes please! The Oliver 1½ oz Tag No.5 Espresso Vodka ½ oz  McGuinness Creme De Cacao ½ oz Frangelico ½ oz Galliano Pour into cocktail shaker with a handful of ice. Shake. Strain into old-fashioned or martini glass. What’s in the drink? Tag No.5 Espresso Vodka–A seasonal selection from the …

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