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Creamsicles are an integral part of any proper childhood. Here’s how to enjoy one as an adult.

1 ½ oz Triple Sec

1 oz Galliano

5 to 6 oz of orange juice

2 drops of grenadine

Start with an Old Fashioned glass (or a solo cup, depending on your venue) and fill with ice. Measure out the Triple Sec and Galliano—fill the rest of the glass with orange juice, leaving a little room at the top. Stir the drink. Place a spoon over the top of the glass with the back surface facing up. Slowly pour a small amount of grenadine over the back of the spoon and watch the grenadine sink to the bottom. Enjoy!

What’s in the drink?

Triple Sec is a sweet, clear and smooth orange flavoured liqueur. A 750 mL bottle will cost you $23.95, and a Mickey only $12.95, making it one of the most affordable and flexible purchases you can make.

Galliano is an Italian herbal liqueur, which is code for “it tastes like vanilla.”  At $17.45 for a 375 mL bottle, Galliano is firmly planted in the premium liqueur category, but you only need a small amount to get the desired effect, allowing the bottle to last a deceptively long time.

Orange Juice. Now that’s an ingredient we all know—but don’t buy from concentrate or with any pulp in it, you’ll ruin the drink. If you’re looking to impress your guests or want to go the extra mile, consider squeezing the juice yourself. You’ll taste the difference.

Grenadine is a blackcurrant flavoured bar syrup that is both thick and sweet. This drink uses it for style, but many others use it to add a hint of sweetness. At around $5 for a 750 ml bottle, this is an affordable buy that will last you a ridiculously long time.

The easy way out.

Does bringing four bottles to a party sound like a hassle? Skip out on the Galliano and grenadine and go straight to the Triple Sec and orange juice. You won’t have the same vanilla flavour, or the presentation and sweetness of the grenadine, but you’ll still have a tasty drink in a pinch.


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