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Drinking doesn’t have to ruin your diet. Photo: Jaclyn McRae-Sadik.
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These alcoholic beverages do the job without ruining your waistline

Whether you’ve done it before, or are experiencing it for the first time, back-to-school at university means you’ll probably be in many more social drinking situations than you’re used to.

We all know that drinking alcohol probably isn’t the healthiest choice we can make, but hey, it happens.

One thing you can control is what and how much you drink. This can help significantly when it comes keeping a balanced diet. After all, they call it a ‘beer belly’ for a reason, so it’s best to prepare yourself with some healthier options in order to keep yourself in better shape this semester.


Beer is probably the biggest culprit in busting your diet at the bar, since a lot of brews are chocked full of carbs and sugars.

Luckily, there are plenty of ‘light’ beers out there that aren’t quite as bad for you.

Now, I’m not saying you have to drink Coors Light or Carling, but there are a few classier options like the classic Michelob Ultra and a few new types of calorie-wise beers like Molson Canadian 67 that might be worth a shot.

A surprise beer for the health conscious is good old Guinness. The pride of Ireland is only 125 calories per pint and a lower alcohol percentage, which means less carbs overall.


This may sound harsh, but when it comes to liquor, the best solution for the health-conscious party-goer is simply to drink it straight.

The biggest downfall with liquor-based drinks comes when they are mixed with sodas like Coke or Mountain Dew that are high in sugar and carbs.

If drinking hard liquor straight is a little too intense, some options that you can explore include drinking different cocktails that are a simpler and lighter mix like vodka sodas, mojitos, or gin and tonics.


Wine is full of sugar—that’s just the plain and simple truth.

Slamming back sangrias all summer probably wasn’t the healthiest choice, and no, the fruit that comes with it doesn’t count.

You could pick up a bottle of Skinny Girl, but in reality, it’s only roughly 10 calories less than a bottle of regular white wine.

When it comes to vino, the best option you have is to keep yourself in check. No need to chug two bottles at a time, just keep it standard and at a normal volume. You’ll thank yourself later.