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Love isn’t the only thing that seems endless

Based loosely on Scott Spencer’s 1979 novel of the same name, Endless Love is the second cinematic adaptation of an ageless love story.

The melodramatic, teen romance stars British actors Alex Pettyfer (David) as the working class boy and Gabriella Wilde (Jade) as the privileged, but emotionally damaged girl.

The pair of Brits’ attempt to depict a classic American love story but overall the film falls flat. Between the unbelievable amount of angst and Greenwood’s character’s interference, the story fails to capture the essence of its literary counterpart.

Directed by Shana Feste, the film did include impressive and creative camera shots along with soft and flowery frames. Sadly, the film’s visual elements were far superior to its script or acting, tho  However,  Pettyfer and Wilde weren’t too bad given what they were working with.

Endless Love might attract the Nicholas Sparks crowd, but don’t expect The Notebook-like qualities. Tweens and teens that haven’t had much exposure might enjoy the film, but if you know your romances, this film will definitely bore you.


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