Sofia Hashi

An international student and Senate representative at the University of Ottawa says a bus driver called him an “asshole” and accused him of “cheating” the OC Transpo system despite evidence of his U-Pass.

Clapping, chanting, and a vuvuzela interrupted University of Ottawa professor Janice Fiamengo and her speech on “men’s issues and feminism’s double standards” on March 28, causing a loud feud between participants and protestors.

The shuttle bus service between Carleton University and the University of Ottawa will conclude by the end of April. The current program, managed by both schools, allows students and professors from either university to travel to and from using only university identification as fare.

I don’t know if I expected angels to sing, doves to cry, or something special to happen, but the act of logging out was surprisingly anti-climactic. However the four months that followed my social media absence was anything but.

Complaints about the lack of space on campus are a recurring issue, so the University of Ottawa administration has enlisted the help of Urban Strategies, a consulting firm specializing in campus design. The partnership, which began one year ago, aims to design and launch a comprehensive 2015 master plan for the university.

The University of Ottawa is now the proud owner of a $5-million accelerated mass spectrometer (AMS) located in the Advanced Research Complex (ARC). The AMS, the only one in Canada and one of a handful in North America, required specific technicians for its assembly and a crane to move its eight-ton magnet.

Hospital performed record-breaking 36 heart transplants last year Photo by Adam Feibel The University of Ottawa Heart Institute conducted 36 successful heart transplants last year, earning the top spot for most heart surgeries performed in Canada in 2013. “I’m very proud of what’s been accomplished by my colleagues in the last year,” Dr. Thierry Mesana, …

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