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Why it’s famous:

Featuring iconic and elaborate dance sequences, An American in Paris brought George Gershwin classics to the silver screen with an exquisite, multi talented cast. This film also showcases artists like brilliant pianist Oscar Levant, dance heartthrob Gene Kelly, and the ever graceful, classically trained dancer Leslie Caron.

Credited with making classical ballet palatable for film audiences, it is a colourful classic worth every minute and every one of its six Academy Award wins.

Why you haven ’ t seen it:

Though this flick made a splash at the Oscars, it has slowly slipped away into abandon, as it was overshadowed by flashier musical movies such as Singing in the Rain.

Why it might be tough to get through:

Like many musicals, An American in Paris tends to be a little light on the storyline front. The plot is simplistic at best, so don’t expect an intricate story arc.

Why you should see it anyway:

If you like music, dance, and striking cinematography, this movie will not disappoint you in any way. Not only is it touching and delightfully comical, it also features beautifully crafted performances from artists that transformed cinema and influenced generations ahead of them.

Famous lines:

Henri Baurel: Be happy! You only find the right woman once.

Adam Cook: That many times?


Jerry Mulligan: Civilization has a natural resistance to improving itself.

Fun Facts:

• No words are spoken d uring the last 20 minutes of the film.

• The 17-minute dance sequence at the end took a month to film and cost $500,000.

• Gene Kelly screened The Red Shoes (1948) for the MGM executives to persuade them to finance a dance film, as they were n’t as popular at the time.


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