Academy awards

In nominating Casey Affleck, the Academy is blatantly choosing to ignore the mistreatment of women. In fact they are choosing to represent him and the many other men whose careers come before basic human rights.

According to the Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) “2015 Hollywood Diversity Report”, which analyzed the top 200 film releases and all of broadcast, cable, and digital television programming from 2012-2013, nearly 40 per cent of the U.S. population was non-white in 2013, yet made up only 16.7 per cent of lead roles in theatrical films and 6.5 per cent of lead roles in broadcast scripted television.

It was praised for its organic portrayal of the grim circumstances in Rio de Janeiro, yet also depicting the subtle beauty of the slum. The movie takes you on a high speed rollercoaster of gangs, violence, drugs, money, hope, death and the struggle with identity in the beaten down slums of Rio de Janeiro.

Although it could be argued that the best movies this past year really were created by a single kind of person (white men) and that the nominees were fairly chosen, it is hard to accept this fact when some fantastically talented people were not properly recognized for their work.

Must-see movies required for a successful existence Why it’s famous:  Probably one of the most thorough biopics of all time, this eight Academy Award-winning movie tells the story of the non-violent movement that led to India’s independence from the British Empire in the 1940s. Politically charged, yet touching and personal, this was an impeccably shot …

“Each category’s winners will be chosen based on specific and impartial qualifications. Acting categories will now be decided based on four criteria: the age of the actor, how many previous unsuccessful nominations the actor has received, the quality of the Hollywood parties thrown on behalf of the actor, and whether or not the actor has ever played a historically important American political figure,” said Lanley.

Our Academy Award predictions AS WE APPROACH the end of the year, the question that will inevitably come to the minds of movie fans is, “What should we expect to see at the Academy Awards?” Practically every movie is guilty of shameless self-advertising. They put a commercial on TV saying how many people have seen it, what Rolling …