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Over 250 students gathered to watch the movie in the University Square. Photo: Rame Abdulkader.
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The U of O hosts outdoor screening of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

On Sept. 3, over 250 University of Ottawa students gathered in the University Square to watch an outdoor showing of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

The film, whose showing was a part of welcome week festivities, was broadcasted onto an inflatable screen which was set-up in front of 350 chairs. There was even a free popcorn stand, available to all interested students walking by.

Ariane Thivault, a former U of O student and manager of the social, cultural, and educational programming for the university, explained to the Fulcrum that they are “welcoming everyone back on campus and trying to put together some nice programming and nice events for them to feel like they’re back on campus and ready to go.”

Indeed, from the levels of attendance, many students seemed to enjoy it. Within the first few minutes of the movie’s opening, most of the chairs were occupied.

For many, the warm weather and excitement of an outdoor movie was enough to entice them to attend the showing. For others, the movie was a viable alternative to 101 Week activities that didn’t interest them.

“I think (attendees included students who) didn’t go to the party (hosted by) the SFUO because they’re under 18. I saw a few of those,” said Thivault.

For first-year theatre student Lindsey Bella, the Jurassic World sequel beat out the 101 Week activities that were offered that night. “We started with 101 Week and we went to glowfest, but then decided we wanted to watch a movie instead.”

“I think it’s pretty low-key. I’m not really much of a partier person, so I like being out just for a movie (where) there (are) still people around,” added first-year general arts student, Emma Foreman.

According to Thivault, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom was chosen by organizers because it is an in-demand movie that has left theatres. “We’re trying to find movies that are just out of theatres, but not yet in DVDs.”

So, students settled in to a relaxing night of popcorn, warm weather, and dinosaur roars that echoed throughout the pavillion.

“With the turnout that we (had) tonight, it’s fair to say that if welcome week continues to be successful, we’ll keep organizing these events for students,” Thivault continued.

However, students shouldn’t necessarily expect to have monthly outdoor showings this year. “We did some over the summer, (but, in the winter,) it’s a little tricky because it gets cold,” Thivault said. “But if there’s a demand for it, we could certainly look at it.”

To learn more about social events offered by the university, or to suggest your own, drop them a line on Twitter.


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