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U of O alumni, band members share details on release show

Time and time again, local artists prove to the skeptical that Ottawa is not just a boring government city. No group embodies this sentiment more than The PepTides, who continue to defy the conventional and put Ottawa back on the map.

On Sept. 10 at LIVE! on Elgin, the band from the nation’s capital held a release show for their new, self-titled EP. The release had a great turnout, with one matinee show at 3 p.m., where they got to sample some of their old songs, and a show in the evening that was completely sold out.

The multi-genre musical group—with classical, jazz, folk, and rock influences—describes themselves as “an end of the world party” and for good reason. With performances based in experimental pop and choreographed dances, they’re more of a performance piece than anything else. Many of the band members have a background in theatre and arts as well, which gives their live performances some added pizzazz.

Scott Irving, who manages the band and graduated from the U of O in 2011, believes that the PepTides bring something special to the stage, and noted that this translates to their new recording.

“When you come to a PepTides show it’s very unlike a lot of other bands because most bands don’t have five singers and four instrumentalists and have all this oomph behind it,” said Irving.

DeeDee Butters, a vocalist in the band and a former University of Ottawa student, said the EP was meant to reproduce the same energy and sound elements that they arrived at after years of performing songs on stage.

“We wanted to put out a piece of (music) that would really capture the essence of our live show, and our live arrangements,” she said.

Known for their eclectic performances, their diverse makeup and costuming, and their contrasting musical styles, the band started their live project in 2010.

“Our recordings in the past have often been the starting point of the live show rather than how a band typically does most of their musical journey,” Butters said

She hopes that avid music goers can appreciate the level of detail that they incorporated to their latest EP to make it that much more enjoyable for audiences.

“It’s a little bit of a PepTides history.”

Their music itself acts as a pop commentary and explores various themes that can sometimes be “dark but danceable” according to Butters. An example of this is their hit single “Don’t believe in love” which is featured on their newest EP.

“It’s not meant to be interpreted literally…” Irving added about the song, describing it as “that sort of self questioning that good art always does.”

Currently, the band is involved in a project called CSArt, an initiative that promotes local artists by crowdfunding art in advance.

“The artists get commissioned to create pieces that are appropriate for the parameters of the project,” Butters explained, adding that their first CSArt show is on Oct. 22nd, and they have a surprise interactive element planned to sweep audience members off their feet.

The PepTides’ latest EP is available for download on iTunes or as a vinyl, which is available to order on their website or at their live performance.

DeeDee Butters formerly served as an advertising representative for the Fulcrum.


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