The cast of Love is Blind season three at the reunion filming
Love is Blind reunion. Sara Mally/Netflix
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Netflix’s dating experiment/reality show just wrapped up its third season

This article contains spoilers for season three of Love is Blind.

Netflix’s Love is Blind is my shameless binge-watch, and the third season did not disappoint. From the never-ending drama to the sweet moments, here’s a rundown on the four season three couples. 

Let’s start off with a big one: Cole and Zanab. Right from their cute conversation in the pods, I had hope they would say I do. Yet, coming into the real world, Cole’s flirtatiousness with Colleen caused all the drama we needed for this season. My opinion on this whole relationship became clearly defined with Cole’s jaw-dropping “bipolar” remark and Zanab’s confession that Cole destroyed her self-confidence. When she said “I don’t,” I joyfully clapped with her friends. 

Next, Brennon and Alexa gave me hope that love can be blind. Brennon saying he loved making shakshuka, his acceptance of Alexa’s very large (and very impressive) wardrobe, and his being the only guy in this season who could pull off a cowboy hat are all I needed to fully support this relationship. Alexa’s dad’s creepy knife moment and her shockingly young-looking step-mom were things that could be ignored after seeing them cuddled up at the reunion.

SK and Raven were the couple I was never sure about. Malibu brought an awkward pilates-filled start to this relationship, but as SK opened up and Raven became less judgemental, I started to root for them. Besides their moms’ relationship being super cute, this couple did not entertain me. I’m happy to hear they were still dating during the reunion, though — maybe the fish dying wasn’t a sign after all. 

At first, Colleen and Matt seemed like the leads in a simple and sweet country love story, but this relationship turned into an important lesson on healing and loving yourself. I originally judged Matt for packing his things every time they had an argument, but after connecting the dots, it became apparent he had not recovered from his divorce. I wasn’t surprised to see them end up together. But my favourite part was Colleen’s sweet-as-pie dad whose voice calmed me every time he spoke… anyone else?

Finally, the worst relationship of them all: Nancy and Bartise. Bartise repeatedly complimenting Raven, their opposing views on abortion rights, that horribly awkward dinner with his family, and his seemingly constant mission to destroy Nancy’s self-confidence made me want to beat Bartise up just as Mamma Eddy said she would. I’m proud of Nancy for ending it with Bartise once and for all, because if his overused “come here, give me a kiss” line didn’t ruin it for her, his god-awful bowtie at the wedding did. 

With a disheartening track record of four out of 15 successful marriages across three seasons, I think it might be time for hosts Nick and Vanessa to admit that marrying someone four weeks after meeting them just isn’t a great idea. That being said… bring on season four!