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Dress to impress with the ultimate Canadian makeover

Photos by Sabrina Nemis

With Justin Bieber announcing his retirement this past month, this might be your last chance to get the Bieber look while it’s still hip.

Whether you sincerely want to look like a spoiled, rich pop singer or you’re after an ironic, hipster-style homage, here’s what you need to know to achieve your Belieber styling needs.

Step one: Get the outfit

Step 1

Using Bieber’s iconic meeting with Stephen Harper as inspiration, we start with a plain white T-shirt and overalls by Dickies. Whether you’re meeting our nation’s leader or picking up at the club, it’s important to give off a casual yet fashionable vibe.


Step two: Get the eyebrows


You can use an eyebrow pencil to fill in your brows to get just the right puppy-dog-eyed look, or pick up black cream makeup and apply with a paint or makeup brush.




Step three: Get the hat


First, use some hairspray to tease your hair to the right height. Then prop a black baseball cap on top of your head at an angle that suggests you’re completely unfazed by meeting Harper, getting dumped by Selena Gomez, or having your private life sold out to the press by a South American girl.


Step four: Get the bling


Add chains and magnetic earrings to subtly show off your pop star earning power.


Step five: Get the smile, get the pout, get the swagger



When you’re fighting off adoring fans, accepting awards, and shaking hands with important people, it’s important to act as though you do this every day. The world knows you’re not actually Justin Bieber, but that’s no reason not to carry yourself like you could be.


Following the instructions above, you too can create a realistic Harper/Bieber photo for your family and friends.