“Ottawa is really uniquely situated because (you can go exploring) within an hour-drive from downtown. You can be climbing in Calabogie, running in Gatineau Park, skiing in Chelsea, or whitewater kayaking on the Ottawa River,” — Jordan Kent, film festival organizer.

“(I) started writing it down, and … started composing. It’s kind of like one thing led to another. With time, I started making a living off of it, and people started commissioning me to write pieces.”

Susam-Saraeva explained to the audience that pregnancy and parturition is almost treated like a disease in Turkey—birth in Turkey is something that women fear—which is what she tried to reflect in her translation.

“Textiles have had a (checkered) history in the art world—because textiles are associated with women—they were often considered a lower medium, and (lacked) much of a place in (the) fine art (world).”

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