Dear Di

Di Daniels
Dating apps are an interesting place... Image: Hailey Otten/Fulcrum
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She invited me to a naked dinner…

Dear Di, 

This week I matched with a pretty girl on a popular dating app who entertained me with some very disturbing tales of her family’s ‘habits.’ She told me about how she, her adult brother and sister loved to hang out at her house naked — nothing weird there, right? Well I got invited to a dinner with them and I refused — I was unmatched. Is this a normal thing on dating apps?

– Questioning Life

Dear QL, 

This story is very hard to believe, but I will take you at your word since you provided screenshots of the texts. Honestly, her unmatching with you might have been the best thing for you. The only thing you could have done by going there was diversifying the gene pool — but maybe — it was a joke (hopefully). 

I don’t think I would say that that’s a normal dating app experience, but it’s definitely far from the worst. I mean, really, you should just be counting your blessings that all she did was tell you about her family’s lack of wardrobe. Someone else might have sent photos instead, and then you would never be able to hear the words “family portrait” the same way ever again.