Author: Di Daniels

  • Di Daniels is the Fulcrum's resident advice writer.

Di’s Heartbreak playlist

Tunes to cry to This can be a hard time of year to be single. Whether or not the wounds of a breakup are fresh, heartbreak tends to flare up for lots of us... Read more.

Dear Di: Un-moanable names

Is their name un-moanable or are you just not trying hard enough? Dear Di, My most recent hook-up should have been perfect. We were on the same page... Read more.

Dear Di: Am I desperate?

The smell of desperation: myth or reality? Dear Di, I recently jumped back into the dating pool after a break-up. I've had a lot of initial success with... Read more.

Dear Di: how do I plan a party?

It’s just a get-together Dear Di, While going to parties is fun, I’ve never been the type to host them myself. Chronically an overthinker, every... Read more.

Dear Di: How do I make friends?

Prioritize quality over quantity Dear Di, I’ve been in residence for four months and I have yet to make the million friends that everyone else seems to... Read more.