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Tunes to cry to

This can be a hard time of year to be single. Whether or not the wounds of a breakup are fresh, heartbreak tends to flare up for lots of us around Valentine’s Day.

If you are in need of a playlist to weep to, I humbly suggest that you consider these 25 songs (in no particular order) to get your heartbreak playlist started:

  1. Not Around — Ritt Momney
  2. Jealous — Labrinth
  3. Two Slow Dancers — Mitski
  4. man — quinnie
  5. The Night We Met — Lord Huron
  6. Love is a Game — Adele
  7. Love is a Losing Game — Amy Winehouse
  8. Shampoo Bottles — Peach Pit
  9. Chelsea Hotel #2 — Leonard Cohen
  10. Only Ones Who Know — Arctic Monkeys
  11. I’ll Haunt You — Tennis
  12. baddreams — boylife
  13. Cry Me a River — Dinah Washington
  14. Liability — Lorde
  15. Someone You Loved — Lewis Capaldi
  16. fragment — sadeyes
  17. cellophane — FKA twigs
  18. It’s Over — Cat Burns
  19. Dancing on My Own — Karen Elson
  20. Broken-Hearted Girl — Beyoncé
  21. Lonely — Noah Cyrus
  22. Scott Street — Phoebe Bridgers
  23. Learning to Live Without You — Hajaj
  24. Lose You to Love me — Selena Gomez
  25. I Don’t Wanna be Okay Without You — Charlie Burg

Having good background music is an essential part of processing a breakup. If none of these suggestions suit your tastes, I wish you luck on your independent search for sad music.

For further reading, the Fulcrum has lots of articles with some great insights on the aftermath of breakups, from the positives of being broken up with to my own advice about maintaining friendships with exes.