Dear Ty

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Dear Di,

I am attracted to feet. I love watching that orange/red color of their soles. Once I had an orgasm just from looking at someone’s feet and rubbing against my jeans a little. Is this something to be ashamed of? Do both men and women get turned on by feet?

—Fan Of Feet

 Dear FOF,

Crawl out from the rock you’ve been living under and Google “foot fetish.”

Just in case your Internet skills aren’t up to par, let me fill you in. Over 55 million results pop up when “foot fetish” is entered into the search bar. The University of Bologna found that the majority of online fetish discussion groups are about feet. AOL released info in 2006 showing that when people type “fetish” into search engines, the word most frequently paired with it is “feet.”

There’s no need to be ashamed of being aroused by a really good-looking foot—that’s the case for plenty of the population.

It’s interesting that you ask if different genders get turned on by feet; that’s a new question for me! While the majority of foot porn and foot fetish websites cater to men and tend to show men licking, tickling, or fucking women’s feet, I’d bet the keys to my handcuffs that there are plenty of women who also enjoy these sites. Although it’s a bit rarer, there are folks who get off to men’s feet too—all you need for proof is a little bit of deeper digging on the Internet.

Regardless of whether or not other people enjoy feet, you shouldn’t be ashamed about your own preferences. Your fetish is relatively tame, and plenty of people out there will be willing to cater to your foot fantasies—maybe one day you’ll even find your sole mate.


 Dear Di,

I learned a new technique to save my man-milk for my girlfriend while on solo flights. The technique is to press firmly on the area between my anus and my erection—it blocks the sperm. This technique lets me orgasm without ejaculating, saving my juices for my girlfriend. But I want to know, is it safe? Sometimes I do it pretty frequently, and I just want to make sure it’s okay. Please help me out.

—Sperm Bank

 Dear SB,

Blocking your own sperm from escaping your body is a bad idea—let those little guys out! There are a bunch of reasons why pressing your taint to block your jizz isn’t okay. For one, the amount of physical pressure needed to block ejaculation is greater than the number of bunnies Hugh’s slept with—and that’s a lot. By pressing that hard on the perineum (that area between your asshole and cock), you’re risking bruising and even internal damage. Hopefully you’re aware that the occasional knuckle on the taint can improve your orgasm, but it’s definitely dangerous to consistently use enough force down there to block your little swimmers from butterflying out of your cock.

Problem number two: Your cum isn’t magically disappearing or being stored up inside your balls, despite the fact that it’s not leaving your body. Once you reach the point of orgasm, your balls are churning out your man-milk. You’re blocking it from leaving your body, but not your nuts. That means it’s just chilling somewhere inside of you, forcing your body to work overtime to reabsorb it. You’re risking plenty by pulling this move regularly, from painful swelling and damage in your manly bits to infertility.

Can we touch on another issue? You seem to have some serious misconceptions about cum, and delusions about your girlfriend’s desires. First of all, despite the cum-whore porn you see out there, there are very few women whose greatest desire is to be bathed in a sea of your white splooge. I love cum as much as the next girl, and I’m satisfied with a job done right when there’s cum shooting into my mouth or splashing over my tits, but I’m not there with a pipette keeping track of how many millilitres are escaping my man’s member. Neither is your girlfriend. If you have a slightly lesser load because you played your personal piccolo earlier in the day, chances are almost zero that she’s going to care, or even notice.

Moral of the story: Your girl doesn’t want you to save up your sperm nearly as much as you think, so don’t stop yourself from ejaculating, it’s dangerous.