Dear Di

Rom-coms just aren't for everyone. Image: Kai Holub/Fulcrum.
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At Christmas you tell the truth: I can’t watch mushy romance movies

Dear Di,

I just watched Love Actually for the first time and audibly scoffed at multiple scenes that made my girlfriend cry. She has watched the movie every December for years, and I could tell that all of the tropes I found laughable were actually having a profound impact on the person I love. This made me question everything. Should we break up if I can’t respect the things that elicit such strong emotional responses? Or, should I just wait for my heart to defrost?

Cynical Cindy

Dear C.C

I am inclined, as a hopeless romantic, to say that you can overcome this. Some movies hold special places in our hearts and can produce strong emotions from us. If Love Actually holds no such place in your heart, you can still try to understand its importance to your partner.

Breaking up over a difference in response to a movie seems extreme. To feel as if your heart needs to defrost is also extreme. The movie has emotional scenes, sure, but you can’t be expected to connect with every film you watch.

If you are watching the film for the first time in 2022, it makes sense that it won’t mean as much to you as someone who has watched it every holiday season for years. Films tend to become dated pretty quickly, and the tropes of the rom-com genre are not for everyone, and that’s fine.