Dear Ty

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Dear Di,

I’m going to give it to you straight: my boyfriend has a foot fetish. Don’t get me wrong, I like it. I love the way it feels when he sucks on my toes; it makes my pussy super wet to know he gets so turned on. Any ideas on other ways to incorporate feet into our sex routines?

—Need a Little More Foot-Loving


There are plenty of moves you have at your disposal to spice up what already seems to be a pretty spicy sex life. Toe sucking isn’t the only way to satisfy your foot-loving fella.

One method of foreplay you should try is a foot job, as it’s sure to get him off quick if he’s titillated by your tootsies. Try making him hard by rubbing your feet slowly up his thighs and then holding his hard member in between your feet. You can either grasp his girth with your toes or with the bottoms of your feet and rub up and down like you would with your hands during a traditional rub and tug. Use lube if the friction is uncomfortable or painful for him.

A little sexy surprise in the morning is something most of us really love waking up to. A perfect way to wake up your boyfriend is with a foot in his face. If he truly has a foot fetish he’ll love it more than Rose loved Jack. Rub them on his nose, forehead, through his hair, and across his lips. When he wakes up with a foot on his cheek—either pair of cheeks should work—he’ll have an instant stiffy.

You might also want to ask him if he would ever give you a foot job. A little toe-to-clit action may be just enough to get him really hard and excited, leaving you with sweet feet treats as well.


Dear Di,

I shaved inside my butt cheeks because they were very hairy, but now my crack is inflamed, sore, and itchy. What can I do to make it feel better? And for next time, is there anything safer I can do to remove the hair from my buns?

—Sore in the Rump

Dear Sore Rump,

Don’t worry, so many people do it. We’ve been told by TV, by porn movies, by porn stars, by magazines, and even by partners, “You should shave down there.” But as glamorous as it seems to look like you have a naked mole rat in your pants, after getting rid of the hair it rarely seems like it was a good idea to shave.
It’s even worse when you shave your puckered little hole. Our assholes are meant to have hair in them. Crack hair absorbs sweat and odours and keeps the cheeks from chaffing. So why should we shave?

Alas, I shouldn’t be making a political statement about shaving the genital area when your question wasn’t why people shave their ass, but how to make your fanny feel better. It’s just a topic I’m very passionate about, since body hair is natural and people need to get over having it.

Aloe vera is the answer to your below-the-waist woes. Pick some up at your neighbourhood drug store, but make sure you don’t stick it all the way up, just where you shaved. It will soothe the burning sensation and help with the itchiness. Also make sure you only wash with water—still quite thoroughly—so you don’t irritate it with any harsh soap.

If you decide to attempt anal hair removal again please steer clear of razors. They will only cause pain, bleeding, and itchiness since the skin in your hole is a lot more delicate than the skin in other shavable places.

The best way to rid yourself of rump hair is by getting professionally waxed. Don’t try to wax it yourself—that could lead to severe burns and even worse long-term pain and problems than razor burn. Though it’s pricey, it’s your safest option and will keep the hairs away for more than a couple weeks at a time.
You can also try laser hair removal, which involves using heat in bursts to permanently stop hair follicles from growing. These procedures are far from budget friendly though, and take eight or nine treatments to work.

So, my dearest Sore Rump, heed my earliest advice and accept your anus as is. Every body has hair so don’t hate it, appreciate it.