Dear Ty

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Dear Di, 

I recently found a white hair on my head and I’m afraid it’s only a matter of time before I find one between my thighs. I can dye away the white on my head, but I don’t know what my options are for pubic hair. I’m not interested in maintaining a fully hairless look and I know you aren’t supposed to use boxed hair dye on your crotch. Are there natural dye options? Will I have to pluck them out? Do I have to give in and go bare? Help!

—Grey Hair Scare


Dear GHS,

Almost everyone feels a little pang of panic when they first start finding white or grey hairs on their head, but hardly anyone talks about our bushier colour changes.

Similar to the hair on our heads, everyone’s crotch changes colour eventually, but the age it changes varies from person to person. Some will be in their teens, some may be in their 40s. Either way, it’s a completely natural part of growing older that people need to accept.

But for you and everyone else who can’t stand the thought of a white-haired twat or cock, there are ways around it.

Believe it or not there are dyes made specifically for our down-theres. Generally there are still chemicals used in these products — it’s nearly impossible to create a dye without them — but they’re made much gentler than dyes for your head and have ingredients that calm the skin as well. Betty Beauty Hair Colour is made for body hair of all varieties, from pits to pubes. It comes in many different colours and can even lighten hair as well. Order some online if you’d like to try it.

There are also natural options that are generally used on your head but could be used to tweak your tuft’s colour too. For example, hair hennas are natural dyes that pregnant women often use on their scalp to avoid any problems with ammonia and other boxed dye chemicals. LUSH Cosmetics offers all-natural henna that has a bunch of moisturizing ingredients. As a warning though, these dye alternatives take up to three hours and two applications to be effective for only a few weeks.

Be sure to apply any dye only on the outer labia to prevent severe infection. Any grey hairs close to your entry way and urethra will have to stay grey. There’s no point in risking your vaginal health to get rid of a normal sign of aging.



Dear Di, 

I am in a two-year-long, loving relationship. We have always been a very sexual couple, but in the last month or so I haven’t wanted to sleep with him, and I feel so guilty for it. What should I do with these feelings? Am I shallow?  

—Fighting Zero Urge to Fuck


Dear FZUF,

You are not shallow. Everyone, especially people in long-term relationships, goes through periods of sexual inactivity. Schedules collide, lives get super busy, feelings change, and so do our personalities and appearances. Ironically, sometimes people not changing is the problem.

Identifying the issue is a great start to determining why you feel the way you do and how to fix it. Have you been really busy lately? If so, having sex might be a challenge. Has your boyfriend been pulling his weight and meeting your needs emotionally in the relationship? Have either of you lost or gained weight recently? Oftentimes, couples whose appearances have changed become uncomfortable being naked in front of one another.

Your resolution will differ depending on your answer, and though I can’t help you identify the problem, I can do my best to offer advice. Regardless of the reason, one step in the right direction is to discuss your feelings with your man friend. Generally speaking, deep conversation with a partner is a turn-on in itself, which will hopefully help you come up with a solution.

It sounds like you’ve been beating yourself up, dear FZUF, which won’t help your problem either. Everyone’s feelings are allowed to change. It’s something you can’t help and won’t be able to change if you focus only on yourself. It’s an issue that needs to be tackled by both of you together and one you have to be prepared to fail at fixing. Maybe you both need a break from each other to figure out what you require to be happy.

No matter what you decide, I think it’s safe to say a discussion with your partner is completely necessary.