Dear Di

Dear Di
As OLG Casinos and I always say: know your limits and play within it. Illustration: Hailey Otten/Fulcrum
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Party hard or hardly party

Every weekend is characterized by an onslaught of underwhelming plans. Is it weird that I go to parties and clubs and am bored? It just seems like a mundane cycle: pre-game, clumsily exchange social media handles with a slew of randos, eat garbage food, pass out, rinse, and repeat. How can I spice up my weekends?

— Life of the Party

Dear LP,

It’s easy to get bored of the archetypal university student weekend. Everyone’s had to tap out of the golden triangle club rotation eventually, myself included. 

Personally, Halloween was where I hit a wall. It is through no fault of University of Ottawa students that October is incredibly draining, as Panda and Halloween serve as bookends to a vicious annual bender. Consider it a workplace hazard, really. 

Even so, you’ve got to make the most of your tuition. LP, it’s up to you to put blood, sweat, and tears into attaining the quintessential student experience to get the biggest bang for your buck. 

So, how do you get back into the swing of it, you ask? Well, first of all, there’s no harm in taking a break. While October was a bender, November was its hangover. Take some time for yourself. Don’t let yourself be ruled by FOMO, and take a moment to recharge before you throw yourself into anything you can’t handle. As OLG Casinos and I always say: know your limits and play within it.

As for how to spice things up, you’ve asked the right anonymous helpline. I have numerous tips and tricks to making things interesting amidst seemingly boring settings.

All’s fair in love, war, and parties. Don’t be afraid to toss in a couple of white lies to spice up your night — I think of it as an opportunity to practice my improv skills. Life’s a stage and the other people in line for The Show are your unwitting costars. Introduce yourself as whoever you please, switch names with a friend, toss on an accent, or, if you’re feeling particularly conniving, disguise yourself as a Carleton Raven. It should come as no surprise to you that I’m a fan of a pseudonym.

In the same vein, don’t be shy when it comes to general pranks and hijinks. Play beer pong and invent new rules, citing them as downright constitutional in your hometown. Tap people on the shoulder and immediately turn around before they see you — this one is more fun than you think. Pretend like you’ve known people for years and act distraught when they don’t remember you.

Or, if you’re looking for less mischievous advice, go in with an open mind. Talk to strangers and, this time, try being honest. You might have much in common or nothing at all — either way, it’ll be an interesting conversation for sure.

Whether you party hard or hardly party, I hope you have fun, friend.