Dear Di

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Ideas for a romantic night in

Dear Di,

My girlfriend and I have gone skating on the canal for all of our Valentine’s Days spent together. I’ve been trying to hold out hope, but it seems mother nature will be putting an end to the tradition this year. With the canal not open for skating, I’m left scrambling for plans. It’s too late for reservations or tickets. Any ideas for a romantic Valentine’s-night-in?


Late Larry

Dear Larry,

It’s too bad that your tradition can’t go forward this year, but luckily for you, a night in has the most romantic potential. I would recommend going the extra mile and treating your partner.

Valentine’s Day is a designated holiday to show your love. Do what you can to express your appreciation for your partner by hosting them at your place and picking up some things to make the night fun. The Valentine’s Day formula is understood to be made up of three major components: flowers, chocolate and love.

Flowers — whether it’s the kind you put in a vase OR the kind you grind up and pack into a bowl, set the mood with the type of flowers you think your partner would most like to receive.

Chocolate — melt some chocolate, dip strawberries, and let cool. You’ve made something together! Or pick up a heart-shaped box of chocolates and taste-test the flavours together.

Love — find something to do together that expresses your love for the other. Make a highly-sophisticated blanket fort, have a paint night, or think of anything else that specifically caters to the interests you share as a couple.

There are so many ways to express our love for each other. Hopefully, you know better than most how to make your partner feel appreciated and cared for.