Valentine's Day

Offer to get tested with him, if this would make him feel more at ease. Get him a cake afterwards and offer to eat it off his body, if that’ll do the trick. A lot of communication and a little bit of foreplay can often go a long way.

Looking for ways to spice up your sex life on Valentine’s Day? Is your friend heartbroken and dreading the lovey-dovey madness of Feb. 14? Di Daniels knows the cure for what ails you.

Ottawa hot spot to serve limited-time-only menu of ice cream, chips and break up songs It’s almost Valentine’s Day and couples new and old are rushing to make reservations at their favourite restaurants for a romantic night on the town. But not all restaurants will be at their disposal on this romantic evening. Recently, downtown …

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Di Daniels recommends some kinky practices that will make this sultry holiday season even more special.