Illustration: Marta Kierkus.
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Valentine’s Day isn’t just about chocolates or romance. You can make time for friendship as well.

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and it really doesn’t matter if you don’t have a significant other.

Feb. 14  is always best spent with a person you really care for, whether it be a friend, sister, brother, mom, or dad.

It can be as simple as taking them out to a nice dinner, or taking a few minutes to write them a letter about how much they mean to you.

For me, I have a twin brother and we do everything together. We have the same classes, I ask him for advice, and he’s usually the person that tells me when I’m doing something dumb. I can honestly say my life would not have been the same without him.

Platonic relationships are just as special as having a significant other, if not more. They both bring positive human beings into our lives, and that’s what really matters.

So, if you’re single, don’t sulk around this Valentine’s Day. Find that special someone and do something to just show you care about them.

—Ayni Sharif


When I think about Valentine’s Day, the first thing that comes to my mind is chocolate, the person I’m dating, but also the people in my life that I love in a non-romantic way.

For my family, I send them cards and little things like their favourite candy. I text all my long-distance close friends and probably send them some funny GIFs. Sometimes I send them cards thanking them for being awesome people. I think it is essential to have a good support system in place, and with that in mind I like to express appreciation for people in my life that I value. I take the opportunity on this sappy, romantic day to also show platonic affection for people that make me feel loved and add joy to my life.

—Alexa-Eliza Carter


Ever since my dad bought me a bunny on my seventh birthday, I’ve always been pretty attached to animals. And, barring those who are allergic, who doesn’t love a snuggle with a fluffy little creature every now and then, especially on Valentine’s Day?

Besides, just like regular person-to-person interaction, animals are so important to the human psyche that many universities (including the University of Ottawa) hold pet therapy sessions where you can cuddle your stress away with puppies.

Are you tired of seeing everyone you pass on the street either scowling or looking down at their phone? The happy dogs trotting down the streets of Sandy Hill will almost always be smiling up at you like you’re the most important person in the world. And how many people in your life can you say that about?

So, if you’re looking for love this coming Tuesday, the best option might just be to hit up your local pet store. Your current relationship might not stick around long, but the love you’ll have for your pet is forever.

—Savannah Awde