Illustration: Kim Wiens.
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It’s never pleasant when you have to go through a break-up right before Valentine’s Day. And as much as you might be willing to put on a smile for your pals who have that “someone special” to celebrate with, it still really hurts to be left alone in mid-February.

But don’t get too bogged down in these depressing thoughts. This time should be used to get back in touch with your own needs and wants, in life and in the bedroom. As such, here are some tips on how to survive Valentine’s Day when you’re flying solo.

Clean your room

Before you even start to think about your solitary sexploits you need to get out of bed, stop feeling sorry for yourself, and clean up your disgusting room!

We’ve all been there after a break-up, when we completely soak in all the bad feelings in our lives. We’re all allowed to be sad, but that shouldn’t mean we stop giving our minds, bodies, and souls what they need. The best way to feel better is to get your room and apartment in order, and take a long hot shower or bath to feel rejuvenated.

Plus, cleaning up is almost like good bedroom karma for any new potential partners. If you can actually walk around your room without tripping on things, it will be much easier to bring home a late night hook-up when the time comes.

Re-stock your bedside drawer

Get rid of, or hide, any sex toys you may have bought as a couple or for dual play, and focus on treating yourself to some toys made for solo sessions. Masturbation marathons are a great way to forget about your ex, whether that be with a vibrator or a fleshlight.

Refreshing your bedside drawer with some new goodies will not only offer hours of fun, but it will also help you discover new things that you might want to try with future partners. Don’t forget to store an array of contraceptives and lubricants for any potential upcoming midnight encounters.

Shake up your porn stash

Sometimes we forget that getting into routines can lead to boredom and unwillingness to venture out to try new things. That goes for our porn preferences as well.

Whether you’ve gotten stuck in a rut of going to the same website for every solo session, or reading the same erotica over and over, now’s your chance to find some new porn to tickle your fancies.

Instead of always clicking on “girl-on-girl” try scrolling down to the “threesome” tab, or maybe get a little crazy and indulge in some hentai (Japanese animated porn videos). Erotic literature is also often overlooked, but can be even more stimulating than porn movies in many cases.

Keep these images in mind during your solo play time on Valentine’s Day and let the characters in your pornographic pleasures be your surrogate partners.