Dear Ty

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Dear Di,

My current partner and I have been sleeping together for a while now and wearing condoms has never been an issue until recently. She is starting to dislike the smell the condom leaves on my dick. We are both in the midst of sleeping with other people, so condoms are a must. I was thinking we could experiment, but that seems like an expensive endeavour. What do you recommend? Is there any type of condom that stinks the least out of all of them?

—Rubbers Got My Lady Down


Kudos to you two for keeping it safe in the sack, even if the smell is less than sensual. Everyone who uses condoms knows that they don’t have the most pleasant scent, especially when it’s mixed with all the other odours that accompany intercourse. Luckily, I have compiled a list of brands that smell—and in some cases—taste great, for all your penetration protection needs.

Crown Skinless Skin condoms are often used in porn movies and have a very light smell. They are also thin to the point of almost non-existent, so they’re great for all those cocks that just can’t quite get there while wearing condoms.

Another option with a light latex odour is Impulse Bare Pleasure condoms. They come outfitted with a studded and ribbed texture, which feels great for the penetrated partner.

Durex Pleasuremax Tingling condoms offer their users a tingling sensation due to a peppermint-scented gel added to their outsides. The taste is pleasant and the smell of latex is masked by peppermint. It also has ridges on its exterior to give a well-rounded pleasure experience to both partners.

Different brands tend to have different smells, depending on the type of latex used. In my opinion, Trojan condoms seem to have the lightest smell and next is Durex, which usually boast a low latex odour on the box. LifeStyles condoms tend to have the strongest rubbery smell, but again, this is my own opinion.

If you’re worried about trying out one of my options and you’re on a budget, many sex stores sell individual condoms. Pick up a few different types and see which work best for you and your lady. A little sexperimentation can make for some pretty sexy times, especially if it involves the safety of you and your partner.


Dear Di,

@dear_di #wtf  gradually more cloths in your pictures each year. #wtf @The_Fulcrum

—Sandy Hill Sect

Dear Sandy Hill Sect,

Your small, sexist minds—which should learn to at least spellcheck their insults—probably need me to shed some light on the incredible offence I take from your tweet.

To begin, while freedom of speech is one of the most valuable aspects of living in Canada, the hypocrisy of using your free speech to restrict others’ freedoms is detrimental not only to women, but to men as well.

As a sex-loving, independent, intellectual woman, I take pride in dressing scandalously when I want to and wearing a cleavage-bearing blazer and hot-as-hell skirt when I want to. My “cloths” are my “cloths” to wear just as I am free to wear my hair as short or as long as I want. You don’t have to like my new look, but it’s none of your business how I dress. I don’t aim to impress my readers—man or woman—or anyone but myself.

Unfortunately for you—and the man who approached the Fulcrum volunteer table in the Jock Turcot University Centre last week with a petition to get me to change my outfit—no one tells me how to dress but me. I write for the Fulcrum because people want advice about sex, not so you and your buddies can use my picture to play with yourselves.

In my most commanding voice, dear Sandy Hill Sect and friends, the problem I have with you lies in the fact that you believe you should be able to control my appearance. I know your comment was simply about my outfit, but where does it end? If you believe you can control how I dress, then you believe you can control how I act, think, and what I do with my body.

If women have to conform to what others want us to wear, can there be a line drawn for what else you expect us to do for you? Or are we expected to shut up and take what you want us to take?

Next time you decide it’s your place to tell someone how to dress, please take a minute to slap yourself across the face, so that the other person doesn’t feel the need to later.

Not yours but truly my own,