Dear Ty

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Dear Di,

Throughout my past relationships I’ve always been told that I should be a porn star. I’ve been wondering if maybe I should use my length and talent to make some money. What are the pros and cons of becoming a porn star?

—Possible Porn Star

Dear PPS,

Not many people can say they’ve been told to be a porn star by multiple partners. Interestingly, it seems as though you’ve decided to own it and think about accepting the position instead of letting it go to your head or looking down at the job.

With the porn industry comes a variety of risks and benefits depending on the type of person you are and the type of porn you engage in. There are health risks (for everyone that has sex) in the form of sexually transmitted infections, especially if you do any porn that isn’t through an established company. Porn stars for companies like Hustler are required to get tested regularly, but amateur porn makers and big porn producers like tube sites aren’t necessarily that thorough.

Secondly, you can almost be certain that your friends and family will find out you’re in porn movies. This isn’t necessarily a con, but you need to be sure you’re 100 per cent comfortable bearing all for your acquaintances, pals, and parents.

One pro is the freedom of picking and choosing the work you do. You can work freelance or on contract for certain companies and it could be a part-time job alongside your studies or another position outside of the porn industry.

Another positive aspect is the exercise you’d get. Think about how toned your butt cheeks would be from all the buggering.

Working in the adult entertainment industry doesn’t limit you to having sex in movies. You could do nude photo shoots, phone sex, or live web cam chats as well if you’re not comfortable sharing your genitals with plenty of people.

It’s a decision you must think about extensively, dear PPS, and your research on which path to take in porn, and on whether or not you’ll actually enjoy it, should extend past this answer. Do a Google search on the porn industry in Canada, read blogs by porn stars like Stoya—she’s very pro porn and is insightful about the goings-on behind the scenes—and look at plenty of porn pics and flicks to figure out which ones you like the most.


Dear Di,

I just purchased a Fleshlight and I’m just wondering: how on earth do you keep it clean?

—Fleshlight Questions

Dear FLQ,

Ah, the Fleshlight. One of my favourite masturbatory toys—I like watching guys get off in a Fleshlight. Well, in anything really.

You’ve touched on a very important aspect of owning and operating sex toys: keepin’ ‘em squeaky clean. If you don’t wash your toys after each use, bacteria will build up and make your genitals quite unhappy and unhealthy.

Fleshlights seem like they’re tricky to keep clean, as generally guys will cum in them and let’s be honest, it’s sticky and gets in all the crevasses. In actuality Fleshlights are quite easy to clean. Just remove the sleeve—the part that feels like a vag—and rinse it thoroughly with warm water. Don’t use soap because it’ll ruin the material of your new pricey peen holder.

If your Fleshlight requires heavy duty cleaning—Lord knows what you’ll do when you’re getting freaky with your fleshie—squirt a little rubbing alcohol into it and rub it in the parts that need the most cleaning.

The best way to maintain the Fleshlight’s soft feel is to sprinkle cornstarch all over the sleeve. Make sure to shake off the excess powder, then let it sit so the starch can absorb into the sleeve. Do not substitute the cornstarch for talcum or baby powder.

Happy fleshie fucking, dear FLQ. Get in there nice and deep.