Dear Ty

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Dear Di, 

I finally lost my virginity after my final undergraduate exams in April — talk about going out with a bang — and since then I’ve turned into a summer sex seductress. I’ve gone from near celibacy to constant copulation, and I feel great. As much as I’d like to blame this one on the summer sun, I can’t help it — the sun is out, guns are out, and I’m loving the lust. Has the heat gotten to my head? Will my summertime sexiness fade?

—Sweltering Seduction 

Dear Sweltering Seduction, 

What you’re experiencing is no different than many of us more practised penile professionals. Summer has a way of bringing the heat; we experience more energy, opportunity, and desire with the benefit of less clothing. Our hormones go into overdrive and liberate our libido, making even the most virtuous virgin a feisty fiend. Our confidence gets a boost in the summer, and paired with the indulgence and novelty of having a summer fling (or several), the drive to sate that sexual craving is all the more powerful. There’s no need to worry — enjoy fine-tuning your sex life as you choose.

That being said, make sure you’re respecting yourself. It still hasn’t been long since you lost your virginity, and while it sounds like you’ve developed a great awareness of your own needs and desires, make sure everything fits—literally and figuratively—into safe summer sex.

Love, Di 

Dear Di, 

I’ve always been a one-girl kind of guy. After my girlfriend of a year and a half broke up with me at the end of the school year, I took sex into my own hands (literally, at first). I’d never experimented outside of one pussy before, until I met a female couple (both are bisexual) at the Escapade festival… and took them home. I’d never even considered a threesome before, but now I can’t get enough lateral loving. Here I was thinking I was an Average Joe in the sack when it came to girls and sex, but it turns out I have a little more fire in the engine than that. Now that the school year will be starting again, how do I fit into their post-summer plans? Should I chalk those experiences up to the heat of summer, or keep my sex streak going?

—Hot and Bothered in Between 

Dear HBB, 

It sounds like you got used to consistent coitus with your previous gal. The summer sun can only amp up your sex drive, but you definitely deserve your share of pleasure. Although you were in a relationship before, it’s important to remember that you’re the odd man out now. Your new lovers were together before you entered the scene, so they get to call the shots on how casual or consistent the threesome is. If they want to continue things into the school year, keep the loving equal between the ladies and go for it! But if not, there’s no reason to tone down your sexual escapades for the school year. Feel free to continue to experiment safely with another girl or several other girls — you’re a single man with a few more notches on his belt in the experience department. You might just find that you’re much more adventurous than your last girlfriend would believe.

Love, Di

Summer Sex School

Passion flares in the summer sun, and minimal clothing means it takes less to undress.

Classes start soon, but theres still time for an education of the erogenous kind. Stream some porn, self-please, go to a sex shop, experiment with a new toy, or read up on the Kama Sutra. Take advantage of exploring your sexuality, because the dog(gy-style) days of summer are fleeting.

• Thought that summer sun would keep you sweating long after the sun went down? Keep it cool while things heat up by having ice cubes on hand. When your body gets hot, it also becomes desensitized. That’s when you place a couple of ice cubes against your partner’s hot skin to send a cold shock of pleasure through their body. Aim for super-sensitive areas like the nipples, inner thighs, and back of the neck, and your partner will be craving more. Try it with popsicles for some sweet flavour while you lick it off.

• Another way to stave off the summer heat and send tingles all the way to your toes is by adding some minty lube to your partner’s privates. The lube comes with a chilling sensation that counters your body heat, making you more aware of those points of pleasure as you overheat in style.

• Rub scented sunscreen, body lotion, or edible body paint on your partner. The scents of coconut, key lime, or mango mixed with your hand action will be sure to please all your senses.

• Finally, a gentle caress of a reminder: you still have a month to try that Brazilian.