Dear Ty

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Dear Di,

My boyfriend and I have tried watching porn together to get in the mood for the last few months, but everything seems sexist. I try to get into it, but every time I just keep thinking about racial and social inequalities, and were the actors paid enough, and was anyone exploited and, well, you get the point. Can you recommend any feminist-friendly porn?

—Fuck the Patriarchy

Dear FP,

Sadly, you’re not the only person who’s found mainstream porn to be a little lacking. Luckily, feminist porn has become quite the cottage industry over the last few years as feminism has become more mainstream.

Try surfing around sites like Lady Cheeky, Literotica, Bright Desire, Beautiful Agony, We Love Good Sex,, XConfessions by Erika Lust, and Many feminist porn sites do require you to be a paid subscriber to access their content, but if watching porn is a habit of yours, it’ll be a good investment.

There’s also a great array of Tumblr sites (Naked Couples, Dicks for Girls) if that’s more to your liking. These sites feature a wide array of different people of different body types engaging in anything you can think ofand a few things you haven’t thought of.

What’s more, a lot of them have women involved in the creative process. For example, Erika Lust is a feminist icon when it comes to porn, and Bright Desire is run by the aptly named Ms. Naughty.

You can also try digging into the dark recesses of Netflix to find some good old-fashioned erotica. Not surprisingly, most of these gems come from European filmmakers. I would recommend Blue is the Warmest Colour, about a young French woman’s sexual awakening (a very relatable experience) by Lea Seydoux. Also the Nymphomaniac series is a long-winded erotic adventure (I know, shocking).

For all you history buffs who had their sexual awakening with Titanic (come on, I’m not the only one) try watching  A Royal Affair, or Outlander.

There are a lot of great titles outside of Netflix as well. Think The Love Witch, the tale of a gorgeous witch in San Francisco seducing and killingbut mostly seducingthe men around her. Also, the critically acclaimed Korean drama The Handmaiden features a thrilling romance between a noble woman and, you guessed it, her handmaiden.

Hopefully these sites and movies will be able to quench your feminist thirstin more ways than one.



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