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While we all know that recycling, taking public transit, and limiting our consumption of animal products can all help reduce our environmental footprints, you can also take steps in the bedroom to make your sex life a little greener.


Walking through Sandy Hill on a weekend morning, you’re bound to find a few remnants of some student’s exhibitionist antics on the sidewalks. With that in mind, the first point to being more eco-friendly in bed is simple: dispose of your condoms properly! Also be aware of the possible impacts around how your condoms are manufactured.

For example, when latex condoms are made the latex is heated up until it solidifies—a process that produces nitrosamines, a carcinogenic chemical. While the health impacts of this aren’t yet clear, you can use this as an opportunity to switch your normal brand of condoms, or try other birth control methods. Most importantly, your safety comes first, so if latex condoms are the best way for you to protect against infection and pregnancy then stick with that. Just be sure to use the garbage can, and not the sidewalk, to dispose of them!


Another product which could have unintended ecological consequences is lube. Avoid any petroleum-based lube and try to go for more natural types such as Sustain’s organic lubricant, Good Clean Love lubricant, or BabeLube Natural. Petroleum extraction is a pretty dirty business (and not the way I like), negatively impacting the environment and population health through oil spills and the release of greenhouse gases.

Skip the shower sex

Even if you and your partner enjoy hopping in the shower to get it on, you might want to keep it to a minimum. As various parts of North America have been suffering from droughts on and off for the past few years, we really shouldn’t take our water for granted. Getting your partner off while in the shower could lead to a lot of water wasteokay, some water waste depending how long they last.


Debuting new lingerie can be a great way to spice up your sex life, but the way some of these panties are made are definitely not hot. Again, beware of petroleum-based fibers that can take decades to decompose. Of course, taking it all off is a pretty easy fix for this problem.

Dim the lights

Light some candles or turn off a few lights to make the mood a little more romantic. Either way, reducing your use of electricity can lower your hydro bill and benefit the environment.

Dishing with Di:  For the love of the planet

As climate change worsens people are taking many different measures, but ecosexuals in particular have a very interesting take. Ecosexuality is a pretty broad term, but most notably comprises a growing movement of having sex in, and well, with, the natural world. The movement also stresses using more sustainable products when having sex, in addition to having a sexual relationship with the great outdoors.