Climate Change

retrogressive thaw slump just 20 km from Whitehorse

They’re invisible to our naked eyes and are birthed in the bellies of demons (humans, cows and pigs mainly) and require hellish conditions to thrive (environments free of oxygen). What could they be? Methanogens of course!

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“In seventeen years of teaching at the University of Ottawa, I have found that a majority of students are optimistic … This year, students were unanimous in their despair. Climate inaction was on their mind … Students could not come up with any solution that they believed would get us off our disastrous track,” writes professor Thomas Boogaart of the University of Ottawa’s department of history.

If this fight against straws is representative of the amount work we are willing to do, we should be embarrassed.

While we all know that recycling, taking public transit, and limiting our consumption of animal products can all help reduce our environmental footprints, you can also take steps in the bedroom to make your sex life a little greener.

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